Профессиональные покрасочные работы


 In UAB "Vilkrema" autoservices works professional car painting service. Painting performs quality work responsibly and quickly optimize the best professionals. Car painting is used only good firms paints, materials and tools. We need to have its own, fully compliant paint booth selection, good at his job knowledgeable staff with great experience of car painting. Equipped with a new and modern Garmata classic painting / drying chamber. Preparation and painting work is carried out in accordance with all technological requirements.

PaintShop services:
• Car body parts or individual preparation for painting.
• Painting (Classic modern Garmata chamber).
• Destruction of corrosion, corrosion protection.
• Rim painting.
• Body Polishing.
• Scratches destruction.
• Comparison of dents, priming, filling.
• Headlamp polishing.

 Painting Garmata Classic Camera: